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Other Techniques

Magnet Therapy
Magnet therapy is the application of tiny magnets to acu-points. Small gold plated 800 gauss magnets are taped onto the point/ Magnets are used to enhance treatment after acupuncture or may me used in place of needles.Magnets are good tor children or people who may be afraid of needles. Patients cause magnets at home or take them along when they travel. Magnets are often used for nausea from pregnancy, motion sickness and chemotherapy, to reduce travel and performance anxiety, and relieve pain from sore muscles.

Ear Seeds or Ear Tacks
Ear tacks are tiny intradermal needles inserted and taped onto acu-points. Alternatively, Ear Seeds, tiny seeds from a specific herb, may be taped onto the points. While tacks or seeds can be used on any point, they are most commonly applied to the ears (hence the term Ear Seeds or Ear Tacks). This method is frequently used to treat addictions, weight loss, and pain, or to prolong the effects of an acupuncture treatment. In the case of Ear Seeds, patients can be taught how to apply them at home for self care.

Tuning Forks
Tuning forks are useful in children or in patients who cannot tolerate needles. On contact with the body, vibration from the tuning fork istrgnsmitted to areas of pain or discomfort. Especially useful in softening muscle knots or trigger points, tuning forks can bee used in conjunction with trigger point needling. Vibration from tuning forks penetrates into acupuncture meridians to stimulate paper flow of energy and enhance healing.

Shohinishin is a traditional Japanese method of applying acupressure to the meridian points. Although originally used in pediatrics, shonishin can also be used on adults. Pressure and stimulation is applied to the meridians using plastic, wooden, or metal massage tools designed for this purpose. Shonishin is ideal for infants and children.

Other Techniques
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