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FAQ / What to Expect

First of all, you can expect to be treated respectfully and receive the best of care. 

When you arrive for your first appointment, you'll fill out a complete health history including details about your main problem.

You and your acupuncturist or therapist will review the health history and discuss thoroughly your reason for seeking treatment. S/he will explain exactly what to expect for the treatment you'll receive.

After your treatment, you'll return to the waiting area to schedule and make payment at the front desk. If you have insurance, we'll give you a claim for for reimbursement. You can also schedule on line.

Pay attention to changes you experience in the days so you can let your therapist know what effect your acupuncture or therapy  had at your next session. Feel free to call at any time if you have questions regarding your treatment.

Information in the other FAQ sections gives details about what to expect from specific services.

Fee Schedule

NOTE: During Covid Pandemic, All Services Have An Additional $5 Fee.

Initial visit  $250 (includes evaluation and treatment)
Follow-up  $95/$115

Community Clinic
Initial $70
Follow-up $35 – $70 sliding scale*

Senior Day Clinic )every other Monday)

Initial $90

Follow-up $80/$95

*$50 minimum on credit/debit cards. Please plan accordingly.

Community Acupuncture and Senior Day Acupuncture  are currently is not available due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

IVF/IUI Acupuncture

during offie hours $200

After Office Hours $360

We will work with your embryo transfer or fertilization schedule.


Herbal Consultation
Initial $115/current acupuncture patients $65

Follow-up $65/Quick Check $40


Fee does not include cost of herbs.

Granules 40¢/gram
Bulk Herbs 15¢/gram
Patents and tablets, variously priced.


We price herbs as inexpensively as possible.

Therapeutic Massage
60 min $95
90 min $130
30 min $50

45 min $75

Foot Massage (reflexology)

45 min $60


Healing Stone Massage
60 min/$120
90 min/$150

120 min/$230

Table Top Thai

45 minutes $60

(sorry, not currently available)

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

 (sorry, not currently available)

Raindrop Ceremony


Cupping Massage $90

Cupping Acupuncture $95

Initial visit $200
Follow-up $115

Extended Follow-up, 6-12 substances $150

N.A.E.T. with acupuncture, add $40

House Calls available (depending on location)
For Acupuncture $250 plus acupuncture fee per person, up to four people.
For Therapeutic Massage $250/60 minutes

After Hours Acupuncture (including nights, weekends, holidays)

Add $160 to fee

What To Expect
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