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Laurel H, social worker

I turned to acupuncture and Kate after 4 eye doctors told me that surgery was the only option for my blocked tear duct. For half a year, tears were not draining in my left eye, resulting in them constantly running down my face. I was told that the surgery had only a 50% success rate and would involve breaking my nose. Happily after one acupuncture treatment, there was improvement and after 3 the issue was completely resolved. One year out and I have had no recurrence. I am a true believer and recommend Kate to anyone needing healing!

WBH, Navy Retired Veteran

I didn’t want to do Acupuncture at first, but my wife insisted that I try it because it was helping her. I didn’t like it at first, but now I can’t live without it and Kathleen Poole is the reason. She is amazing, very knowledgeable, and most importantly she listened to my areas of concern first and then went to work. I had to stop seeing her for a short period of time while the VA received more funding and I had to see another provider. I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. I missed her services tremendously and I’m elated to be back. ALL I CAN SAY ABOUT MYSTIC RIVER ACUPUNCTURE AND KATHLEEN POOLE IS AWESOME SERVICE AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH for relieving my back pain and headaches. ​​ 


Tina P.

5 stars Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time.
This place is amazing ! I left feeling so much better. Kathleen is super sweet! I am so glad to have met her!

First time patient, full slate review

I tried cupping for chronic back pain. During the treatment I could literally feel the pain leaving my body. I'm going back again tomorrow for another treatment.

Rich S, Luthier

I was at a camping/music event recently that Kate also attended. I was having some issues with by back (sciatica symptoms). Kate was able to give me a good deal of relief from my discomfort right there and then, so that i could stay & enjoy myself longer!

Lacy J,  Professional Athlete

“From serious sports injuries to poison ivy,  from emotional trauma to nasal congestion, Mystic River Acupuncture has treated it all for me for the last four years of my life. It’s not that I never see doctors anymore, but it’s rare. As a professional strength athlete, the first place I turn when I have spasms, tears, strains, sprains, knots, etc… is MRA. I have successfully competed at least 10 times a year since 2007, thanks, in large part, to MRA. In a world of dangerous medications that deal with isolated symptoms and pain-masking without treating underlying issues, I take great comfort in trusting MRA with my short-term and long-term well being.”

Richard B, Carpenter

“This was my first acupuncture treatment, big skeptic that this would help, but over-the-counter rubs and pain medication weren’t working. So I thought I would give it a try. I am happy to report it has been three days and I can turn my head pain free. Kathleen has a new believer and I will be back!” (Richard came in with a stiff neck, unable to turn his head.)

libellegs, citysearch review

"Mystic River Acupuncture is amazing! Everything I needed to feel better. I’ve been going there for 5 years now and nothing but rave reviews. I began going for fertility treatment and have successfully given birth to two babies since. I continued going for pain management when I had braces put on and also for occasional back pain. It is a definite plus that they have on site massage therapy as well. Judy’s hands work wonders! The staff is nothing but friendly and professional too!"

camp noanker, citysearch review

"I didn’t think acupuncture would help me, and I was wonderfully mistaken. I’ve been treated for everything from a spider-bite to stress, from PMS to back spasms, and I have had nothing but positive results. Not only is the office soothing and well-managed, the practitioners are masterful and very attentive."



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