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The Patient's Playbook

If you or a loved one is navigating our incredibly complicated health care system, this is essential reading. Provides practical information on dealing with care coordination, insurance, and being proactive with your providers.

Selling Sickness

Although this is an older book (2006), the picture it describes remains accurate and the medications discussed are still widely used. Mystic River Acupuncture is by no means agains the use of pharmaceutical medicines, which are invaluable and necessary for many people. Yet, overuse is a national problem.  Selling Sickness will make you more aware of issues surrounding the drugs we take daily.

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Cupping Sets

We often teach patients how to perform cupping at home. These cupping sets are perfect for home care. The pump cups are most commonly used in clinical settings. The silicone cups, also used in clinics, are durable and pack easily for travel. Mystic River Acupuncture offers cupping classes for both professional and lay people. 


About Cupping


Cupping is the application of suction cups to the body. It is a traditional treatment, either done alone or in conjunction with acupuncture. Sometimes the cups are left in one spot, while other times the practitioner slides them along the body's surface. Folk medicines of many cultures use some form of cupping.

To create suction, a vacuum is created inside a specially made therapeutic cup. Modern cups have a valve on top to which a simple pump can be attached. Sucking air out with the pump creates a vacuum. Once suction is adequate, the pump is removed and the cup sits on the skin’s surface, typically for 5-20 minutes.

“Fire cupping” is the traditional method. The vacuum is created by quickly inserting a flame into the cup. As with the valve style, these cups remain on the body 5-20 minutes until the treatment is done. Fire cupping does not burn or feel hot on your body. Cupping can be used in place of acupuncture, or as a combination treatment with acupuncture. 

Suction promotes circulation. Increasing circulation reduces swelling, allowing toxins to flow away and nutrients to flow into the area.  Cupping is most often used for pain, injury (such as sprained ankles), and respiratory problems. It is used for stress induced pain, digestive problems, sleep difficulties, and other conditions.

Cupping alleviates discomfort from digestive issues, menstrual problems, stress, and other ailments. With respiratory problems, the gentle suction can get phlegm moving, enabling the lungs can expel it.

Cupping shouldn’t hurt. It leaves marks, called ‘cupping marks’, in the shape of the cup. This mark does not hurt and will go away within a few hours to a week. Cupping can give immediate relief for some things, and creates a state of deep relaxation. Children do very well with cupping.

Pump Cup Set, 17 valve pump cups

Silicone Cups, set of 8

Silicone Cups, set of 4


This item isn't about health, but we love this noncompetitive puzzle game. Similar to Sudoku but in color. Even if you don't enjoy Sudoku (like me), you might still love this game. It's known that doing puzzles helps exercise your brain, so maybe it is about health, after all.

About Our Products

For your convenience, we maintain a small retail section in our clinic. In addition to herbs and health aids such as Fomentek water pillows and aloe based lubicants, you'll find soaps, candles, books, seasonal items, gift baskets, and sometimes even jewelry. Our most popular items are usually in stock. Some things are either difficult to keep in stock or can be found online at a much better price. For these products, shop our Acu-Shop where you'll find links to purchase these recommended items.


While we enjoy keeping a small retail section on our premises, our main business is providing you with quality health care. All the products available through these links are recommended by our staff, unless otherwise noted.

Using these  affiliate links to purchase recommended items helps us provide you with quality  products. Some are educational, and health oriented, others are interesting or just plain fun. We hope you enjoy this selection and thank you for your support. If you have suggestions on products to add to the Acu-Shop, please let us know.


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