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FAQ / Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is not a luxury item. It relieves pain and promotes emotional relaxation. Massage is useful in situations, such as pregnancy, where people are reluctant to take pharmaceutical medications. 

What is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage is a professional massage given by a trained massage therapist (LMT).

The intent is to deal with a specific health issue or to help you deal with stress. Many people use regularly scheduled massage to help them maintain a state of healthy well being and strong immune response.

Do I have to take all my clothes off?
No. You choose what makes you comfortable. If you do not want to undress, you can remove your shoes and socks and jewelry. Your massage therapist knows how to work through clothing. You may want to wear comfortable clothing such as sweatpants and a tee shirt, or bring something comfortable to change into.

If you feel safe removing your clothing, your therapist will leave the room while you undress and get under the covers on the massage table. She will uncover only the part of your body needed to perform massage. She can work through the sheets on some areas of your body. You just need to let her know. Always let your massage therapist know if you are uncomfortable about anything.

After your massage, your therapist will step out so you can get dressed and wait for you outside the room.

I am still nervous about massage.

If you are nervous, then come and try a chair massage to see how you like it. You will be fully clothed and it only takes about fifteen minutes. It’s a good way to get to know your massage therapist and to see if massage will help you. Or you can schedule a 30 minute massage to see what it's like

What happens after the massage?
Your massage therapist will tell you what to expect. It will depend on the type of massage you had and what problem you had treated. Generally you will feel relaxed, perhaps even tired. Drink plenty of water afterward, and avoid heavy meals, caffeine, and alcohol.

Can I get a massage and acupuncture in the same day?

Most definitely. Many patients schedule acupuncture and massage right after each other. If you are here for a specific problem, your acupuncturist and massage therapist will coordinate their treatments. 

Will insurance cover therapeutic massage?

Most likely the expense is out of pocket. Some Health Savings Account or flex plans may allow funds to be used for therapeutic massage. Sometimes insurance will reimburse you for massage, especially if you have a doctor’s prescription for it.

What if I want to tip my massage therapist?

While tipping isn’t required, it is much appreciated by your therapist. If you do choose to leave a gratuity, you may either give it directly to the therapist or include it in your payment. Your massage therapist receives the entire gratuity.

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