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FAQ / N.A.E.T.

N.A.E.T. is a cutting edge technique for treatment of allergies. It involves a combination of meridian theory and applied kinesiology. N.A.E.T. is often used to treat environmental and food related allergies. It can be done with acupuncture or used on its own.

How does N.A.E.T. work?

Muscle testing is used to determine which substances weaken the immune system. Once a substance is isolated, further testing reveals which specific meridians are affected. These meridians are treated with pressure applied to related acupoints on the body.

What kinds of things does N.A.E.T. treat?

What kinds of things does N.A.E.T.  treat? Although N.A.E.T.  has been used to treat a wide variety of allergic responses, it is most often used for food, respiratory, and environmental allergies.

How does N.A.E.T. work?

What should I expect during a N.A.E.T. session?
During your first N.A.E.T. visit you will be tested for 15 -20 substances commonly encountered in daily living.

Substances that produce weakness with muscle testing are further tested to ascertain which particular meridians are affected. With this knowledge, acupressure can be applied very specifically to treat the allergy. You must avoid contact with the allergen for 25 hours after treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

One substance is treated per session. The number of treatments needed depends on how many allergens produce muscle tested weakness.

How often should I come?

Treatments must be given at least 25 hours apart from each other. As long as you wait 25 hours for the treated substance to “clear”, there is no time limit as to how long you wait between treatments or how many you have in a row. Most people prefer treatments once or twice a week.

Can you use N.A.E.T. to treat children?

Yes, because N.A.E.T. is non-invasive it is ideal for children. Because it is not painful and doesn’t require laying still for a long period time, N.A.E.T.  is particularly suited for children and toddlers. They can be treated while sitting in a parent or care taker’s lap.

Can I get acupuncture instead of acupressure?

Yes, patients often prefer acupuncture to acupressure during NAET treatment. 

Does my insurance cover N.A.E.T.?

Check with your insurance company to see if N.A.E.T. is covered. Unfortunately, insurance companies on the East coast usually don’t cover cutting edge therapies such as N.A.E.T. Although your insurance is unlikely to cover the procedure, your HSA (Health Savings Account) might reimburse you for this expense. N.A.E.T is well known in California where insurance companies recognize it as an effective treatment for allergies.

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