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FAQ / Community Clinic

Community Acupuncture provides focused treatment at a lower fee. Many conditions can be treated in Community Acupuncture. Mystic River Acupuncture is proud to offer Southeastern Connecticut’s first Community Acupuncture Clinic. 

Where is the Community Clinic?

The Community Clinic is located here at Mystic River Acupuncture at 167 Broad St., Groton.

What kinds of things can you treat with Community Acupuncture?
Less severe and less complicated conditions are suitable Community Acupuncture. Fatigue, stress, difficulty sleeping, tennis elbow, uncomplicated knee or ankle pain, recent sports injuries, mild neck pain, tension headaches, mild anxiety, respiratory problems (including common cold or seasonal allergies), digestive issues (including nausea, heartburn, constipation, and overeating), PMS and stress-aggravated problems are among the ailments that can be treated with Community Acupuncture. Call if you have questions about whether your condition is appropriate for the Community Acupuncture Clinic.

Why would I choose Community Clinic over a private session?

Patients have many reasons for choosing community clinic:

A simpler treatment may be all that is needed to treat a small area of your body (tennis elbow, bunions, mild headache, etc.). 

People with time constraints may prefer community clinic. Because the treatment is focused on one or two issues, it does not take as long. 

Community Acupuncture is perfect for simple balancing treatments, daily stress. a preventive immune system boost, or a a seasonal “tune up”. 

The low fee makes frequent treatments easier to afford. 

I have an acupuncturist somewhere else. Can I still come to your clinic?

Absolutely. Our Community Acupuncture Clinic will not interfere with your existing treatment plan. Not only can you come, but your acupuncturist can be in touch with us so you will have a coordinated treatment plan. You can keep seeing your acupuncturist privately and come to our community acupuncture in between sessions.

Will the same acupuncturist treat me each time?

Most likely, in our clinic you will see the same acupuncturist regularly. In larger clinics you might see more than one acupuncturist.

Can I do both? Come to Community acupuncture and get private treatments?

Yes. If you are being treated for a more serious problem, you may be able to receive follow-up treatments in Community Clinic. Combining private sessions with community sessions is a practical way to receive good care while saving  time and money.

Does insurance cover Community Acupuncture?

Payment is expected at time of service. We do not accept insurance for Community Acupuncture. This allows us to keep the cost down. While we don’t deal with insurance in Community Clinic, we do accept Health Savings Account and Flex Plan checks or cards.

In an effort to keep costs down, we appreciate payment in cash or check, unless you are using an HSA/FSA card.

Community Acupuncture
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