Medicine Cabinet Makeover 

Take Charge Of Your Health With Chinese Remedies For Everyday Use

          a four week interactive online class

One of my passions is empowering my patients by teaching home care skills.


Combining natural and standard care is easy once you know how. Chinese Medicine has much to offer in household medical issues. Herbs can sit safely alongside your over-the-counter and prescribed drugs. Methods such as cupping and acupressure have been used in the home for centuries. We'll talk about these remedies and how to use them for common ailments and minor injuries. 

If you are holistically minded and don't know where to start, or if you are looking for convenient, safe options for your medicine cabinet, this course is for you. 

Be confident in using natural methods. Know when to self treat and when to seek professional advice. Round out your medicine cabinets with user friendly medicine that really works.

Chinese Medicine kits are available (and free with early bird registration).

Kathleen T Poole, MSAc, L.Ac.

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