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Medicine Cabinet Makeover Series

Tips For Spring 

Making A Healthy Transition 

We've moved out of a tough winter, and spring weather is upon us.  


Spring is a time of renewal and awakening, a time of emerging beauty. This year especially, it's a time of promise and hope. As the earth adjusts to a new season, so, too, must our bodies. This transition can be difficult. Allergies, headaches, and fatigue often accompany Spring.  

Don't let common seasonal discomforts keep you from enjoying this year's Spring. Equip yourself with the tools for relieving symptoms

and keeping your immune system strong. In keeping with the Makeover theme, we'll talk about household items and easily available herbs and that can be used to give symptomatic relief. 

Chinese Medicine kits containing seasonal remedies will be available.

Flowers blooming at our clinic

flowers blooming at our clinic

$10 Space is limited.

Register today to save your spot!

Saturday, May 1, 9am

Refund policy: No refunds

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