Chinese Herbal Medicine

meiguiChinese Herbal Medicine is thousands of years old. It is one of the oldest, continuously practiced medicines we have today. Its efficacy is well known, and in some parts of the world it is part of every day life.

Chinese herbs are used to treat illness and improve our immune systems. Herbal remedies can help preserve our health. Chinese herbs are widely used both for prevention and to manage symptoms when we do become ill.

Prevention of sickness is a key aspect to Chinese Medicine. Your herbalist is able to diagnose certain “patterns of disharmony” or energetic imbalances, and then choose an herbal formula to correct these patterns. Correcting these imbalances improves your immune function so it is easier to stay healthy.

Chinese Herbal Medicine can help you when you are ill. It is a complete herbal system that addresses almost any problem. Even people with modern diseases can feel better. If you have a recalcitrant problem, symptoms can be alleviated so that you are more comfortable. Side effects from modern treatments, such as chemotherapy, can be alleviated with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Instead of thinking in terms of curing illness, Chinese Medicine tries to make your body stronger so it can combat your illness.

Chinese Medicine sees the body and illness in a different way than western medicine does. The focus is on changing your body so that illness is no longer compatible with it. A Chinese herbal formula has two aspects: neutralizing the illness itself, and treating why you in particular have that illness.

Chinese Herbs are very safe when prescribed by a qualified herbalist. You can combine Chinese Herbs and acupuncture with more conventional western treatments. You do not have to stop taking your regular medicines. Nowadays many doctors are interested in alternative treatments that help their patients. We are happy to coordinate with your other practitioners.

At Mystic River Acupuncture we use herbs from sources we trust. Herbs are tested and, when possible, organically grown. We only deal with reputable distributors when purchasing our herbs.