A “Moxa Boost” Deal for Back-To-School

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Back-to-school, late summer, early fall and, yes, sniffles and runny noses. At any season’s change our immune systems are vulnerable, but it seems that this is especially true at this time of year.

In a February post  I wrote about keeping your neck covered against cold weather. This is good to remember now, as summer ends and fall begins. It may not be cold out, but the weather is changing. Keeping “wind points” covered helps protects you against inclement or windy weather.

Moxibustion, the application of heated mugwort onto or over the skin, is another way to protect a vulnerable immune system. For the “moxa boost” advertised this month we will warm up some points along your shin and at the base of your neck. This is a classic treatment. The specific points used are St36 and GV14. I always like to include the area around the points because the warmth feels so good. When my children were young, I used to do this for them when school started, before they were exposed to viruses that go around.

For the month of September we are offering the following specials:

1. Come In For A “Moxa Boost” for $25 in September and October. Or let us know you want one with your acupuncture and we’ll add it in free of charge!

2. Schedule a $50 stress reduction treatment for yourself and bring your daughter or son for a free Moxa Boost.

3. We also have a back-to-school herbal kit for just $25 with herbs to keep handy for sleeping, colds, and tummy trouble.

September october Calender pages with pig graphic

Time for Moxa!

Now that we are back to our regular schedules it’s important to make time for exercise. People are less active when summer activities end. Try to be conscious of your activity level. Simply walking is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your energy flowing. Gyms often offer promotional discounts this time of year.

With a new schedule and perhaps new projects or schoolwork that have deadlines attached, remember to get enough sleep. A regular bedtime helps. Have a little fun by making time for some of those last summer festivals or concerts. With a new schedule it’s good to lighten things up with play.


calender art by jazmin cruz at www.thepigtails.com

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