kate1Kathleen T. Poole, M.S., L.Ac.

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Kathleen T. Poole received her B.S. in Biology from the University of South Carolina. From an early age she was interested in sciences. She worked in her field at the same university before moving to New York to take a position at Plum Island Animal Disease Laboratory. Here she worked with foreign doctors trying to eradicate serious animal diseases from their countries.

After her first acupuncture treatment Kathleen became fascinated with Chinese Medicine. She returned to school to study acupuncture and obtained her degree and licensure in 1989. After starting her practice, she went on for further study to earn her diploma and national certification in Chinese Herbology. Kathleen is one of the area’s first acupuncturists and is active in her profession through private practice and teaching. She participates on a political level to further the public’s access to acupuncture and is involved in efforts to increase public awareness and understanding of Chinese Medicine.

Kathleen finds her work deeply satisfying on many levels. The technical aspects of her profession satisfy her love of science, and the healing aspects have encouraged her to develop her intuition. In her chosen field of Chinese Medicine, the enjoyment of working with her hands is combined with intellectual fulfillment. Her private practice and teaching give her opportunities to meet interesting people from all walks of life.  Her sense of adventure leads her to innovative treatments as well as to travel related to her field. Kathleen is enthusiastic about her work and sees her relationships with her patients as a partnership with them. [read more]


Andrea Elliott, MAcOM., L.Ac.
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We are sorry to see Andrea leave and with her many years of successful practice in her new office in Hudson, NY. Our clinics now work in close collaboration.

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Jessika Robbins, LMT
“I love working with all different types of people. I can help those who like a deeper massage to help reduce muscular tension and pain, as well as those who want a light relaxing massage to reduce stress and help them to find peace of mind. Every session begins with a consultation so that together we can customize your massage to suit your needs and your goals.”  [read more]

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